Our 3-step process to any new website project...


Domain and Web Content Management

All websites begin with choosing the right name for your site, and laying out the content, features, and functionality.  We will work with you to determine the domain name you want and how to manage it.  In addition, we work closely with you to layout your content in a straightforward, yet appealing way that will attract and retain visitors to your site.  We will make recommendations for additional content to help you keep your site current and relevant.

Website Design and Layout

Our design team will work with you on your brand image, color schemes, page layouts, graphics elements, and overall look/feel of your site.  We will help you ensure that your website is user friendly, appealing, creative, relevant, modern, and suited to your target audience.  We will work hard to also ensure you have a consistent design throughout your site and other marketing materials so that your brand stands out to your constituents.

Technology Integration

Today's modern websites need to be functional.  Not only do your constituents need to know more about you, they need to be able to communicate with you, search for readily available information, interact with your website, and use the tools and services that you offer.  Digital platforms can be clunky and confusing without seamless integration.  We will help you connect your calendar, appointments, e-commerce, digital content, forms, databases, and security into one platform that your audience will love to interact with.